Sporting a new look

I am very particular in composing the content of the posts (and pages) on this blog. By content, I mean what I literally put in the post/page while editing – text, image, HTML etc. I like to keep the content extremely clean and avoid polluting with HTML like I had to earlier (on blogspot). With the content polluted, it is a terrible pain when migrating blogs and/or rendering the posts flawless and consistent across browsers. Blogger is notorious in that aspect 1.

To have an unobtrusive reading experience, one that requires undivided attention from the reader, the content presentation has to be simple and clean. Markdown has been a big step not only for me but for any content publisher out there. It is a shame that WordPress wasn’t proactive in adopting markdown, and still has not made markdown composing first class citizen. Check out ghost.

A blog theme is another important facet of the reading experience. With so many themes out there, a lot of them offer nothing but clutter with weird line spacing, asymmetric font sizes and sidebars and so on making it all the more difficult for the reader to indulge in a reading experience. Even themes that are targeted for photo blogs don’t push the envelope that well. I must say that the Quintus theme has served me well in that regard all this time; so has McKinley theme that powers my photo blog.

I haven’t changed the theme, widgets, the blog tagline (debugging technique), wouldn’t be incorrect to say, since I migrated my blog to WordPress. Just like fashion, web page presentation styles change over time. I like to have keep it simpler and cleaner as ever.

Sporting a new look

Let me know how do you like the new look. Suggestions are welcome.