Sms FireWall Update !!!

I gave SMS FireWall a refresh with a couple of features requested by users:- An option ‘Allow and Move’ in the settings screen, which when checked moves the messages from the quarantine vault when opted to be added to the allowed list.

Unique Id Generation !!!

A short while I was engaged in a little project where I had to interact with a third party service provider who required a (30 length) unique id as part of the transaction.

Sms FireWall !!!

Tired of prank SMSes. Need a simple way to block them, and keep your inbox clean?

To Ritchie !!!

Dennis Ritchie, whom we all know as the creator of the C programming language passed away on Oct 12, 2011.

Android meets .NET

It is always fun to program in C# (besides C++). If so, how would I feel if I was able to program in C# on Android?